YouTube Premium Has Launched in SA! Here’s All You Need to Know


It’s finally here! Google has launched YouTube Premium in South Africa. You may be asking yourself why you should pay for YouTube when it’s already free, but like the name suggests, YouTube Premium comes with a lot of benefits that you just won’t get using the free platform.

Here’s our breakdown of the best features YouTube Premium has to offer:

No Adverts

Let’s face it – it’s frustrating when you click on a video you want to watch (even if it is a cat playing the piano) and an advert pops up instead. In some cases, ads can be skipped after 5 seconds, but you’re usually forced to watch the entire ad. Even worse, a lot of ads now start playing during your video. YouTube Premium offers an ad-free platform, which means no more waiting for ads to end before watching your video.

Offline Viewing

If you’re low on data, this is the perfect solution. Premium allows you to download your favourite videos to your device and access them anywhere, whether you’re on an airplane or camping in the Karoo. All you have to do is connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and download all the videos you want to watch at a later stage, but please remember that not all channels allow this feature.


The ability to use several apps at once has become second nature in our multitasking world. With YouTube Premium, you can access your emails or reply to WhatsApp messages while you’re watching videos right from the app, giving you an uninterrupted viewing experience, no matter which apps are screaming for your attention.

Includes a Free YouTube Music Subscription

The YouTube Music streaming service is available as a separate subscription, similar to Spotify or Apple Music, but you can get it free with a YouTube Premium subscription. The standalone YouTube Music app will cost you R59.99 a month or R89.99 per month for a Family Plan to stream music from a giant catalogue and enjoy the convenience of offline downloads as well.

Access to YouTube Originals

One of the main features of YouTube Premium is access to YouTube Originals. Like Netflix, YouTube offers Premium subscribers great TV series that have been praised by critics and audiences. However, they don’t have as vast a library as Netflix, but the platform is growing rapidly and will soon give the big competitors a run for their money.

YouTube Premium is now available to South Africans at a cost of R71.99 per month for single user subscription or R109.99 per month for a family plan.

The Family plan allows for up to six people to share a single subscription. The best part is that YouTube is offering a 1 month free trial for you to get a feel of what YouTube Premium has to offer.

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