About Jika

We all want the freedom to move to our own rhythm. In that spirit,
we are proud to introduce you to Jika.

Jika is a mobile virtual network operator that prides itself on bringing innovative fixed mobile broadband products to South Africans. Our industry-leading partners and service providers are committed to developing broadband and mobile products that give you high-speed connectivity at home and on the go without the usual restrictions. We believe that the only things in life that should have strings attached are puppets. The rest of us want the freedom to move.

What is Freedom to Move?

It’s the freedom to love your roots and celebrate who you are, whenever you want, wherever you go. It’s the freedom to be a creator, not just a spectator. It’s about standing up when something stirs your heart. It’s about standing out in a crowd when the rhythm moves your soul. Jika is about giving you the freedom to express yourself, because connecting you to the world is not as important as giving the world a chance to connect with you.

Our Roots

Jika is a subsidiary of proudly South African company Rewardsco Investments, which operates several industry leading businesses in the sectors of outsourced sales and distribution, telecommunications, fintech, mobile broadband and IT. To learn more about Rewardsco Investments, click here.

Rewardsco is a Level 4 BBBEE service provider.