Jika is all about the freedom to move. To express yourself. To show the world who you are.

How Does Jika Cut the Strings?

Jika brings you the world, untethered.

No Contracts,
No Obligations:

Jika offers most plans on flexible month-to-month subscriptions, so you have the freedom to cancel at any time. There are no financial obligations or long-term contracts to tie you down.

No Credit Checks,
No Paperwork:

We’ve cut out the need for tedious paperwork and credit checks to get connected. Apply online and we’ll process your order and deliver everything you need to get connected right to your door, free of charge.

No Installation Fees,
No Waiting Periods:

Fibre and ADSL broadband requires professional installation of cables, hardware and other costly infrastructure that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. No such restrictions exist with Jika. All of our products are wireless, so they are ready to work right out of the box.

No Hefty Subscription Fees:

Jika offers you a low-cost connection to high speed wireless broadband through a range of affordable plans, free from the shackles of landlines and fibre optic cables. We go one step further by offering you an LTE router below retail cost! With such great deals, we’ll get you moving in no time!