Jika Boost FAQs

It’s the freedom to love your roots and celebrate who you are, whenever you want, wherever you go. It’s the freedom to be a creator, not just a spectator. It’s about standing up when something stirs your heart. It’s about standing out in a crowd when the rhythm moves your soul. Jika is about giving you the freedom to express yourself, because connecting you to the world is not as important as giving the world a chance to connect with you.

What do I need to qualify?
You need to earn between R4000 and R4500 a month. 

How long does delivery take?
Delivery can take between 7 – 14 days.

When do these vouchers expire?
The We Grow SA voucher is valid for a 3 year period from the date it is issued. The HP Store voucher is valid until February 2021 and the Viu voucher is valid for 3 months from day of activation. 

Are there any additional charges? 
No. There is a once-off payment of R999 for the Jika Boost SIM bundle or R1599 for the Jika Boost Router bundle.

How Much Data Do I Get?
Your Telkom 10GB SmartBroadband Top UP SIM gives you a once-off allocation of 10GB Anytime Data + 10GB Night Surfer Data. 

How to Top Up?
You can buy data bundles through the Telkom App (available for Android and iOS devices) or at your nearest Telkom or convenience store. For more info, visit www.telkom.co.za or call 081 180. 

Does SmartBroadband roam on any other network?
No. The SmartBroadband Wireless service is provided as a fixed wireless broadband service for use in a fixed location and should a subscriber relocate, Telkom cannot guarantee and be held liable for lack of network coverage, reliability and throughput outside its specified LTE coverage areas.

Why do I have no signal?
The SmartBroadband Wireless service is for use in a fixed location and should a subscriber move to a different location, Telkom shall not be liable for lack of LTE coverage or throughput. Outside designated areas, 3G failover to Telkom Mobile’s 3G network will be supported on the SmartBroadband Wireless service.

What time is Night Surfer Data valid?
Night Surfer Data shall be valid between 12am – 7am.

How can I activate my SIM?
Your SIM card will be activated automatically within 24 – 48 hours after delivery, excluding weekends. You’ll get a confirmation SMS once your SIM has been activated.

What is We Grow SA?
We Grow SA is a platform which partners with the top online education content providers to bring you the best discounts and free subscriptions to those platforms.

How do I redeem my discount voucher/s?
Log onto www.wegrowsouthafrica.co.za and click on the Redeem Voucher tab. Enter your We Grow SA ID and choose which courses you’d like to study. You will receive a voucher code for every course you pick.

What is a unique We Grow SA ID?
Think of it like a pin number. You need this to log onto your We Grow SA profile – where you can access all We Grow SA e-learning courses and discounts for up to 36 months. Keep it safe.

Where do I find my unique We Grow SA ID?
Find your unique We Grow SA ID within your We Grow SA brochure, inside your delivery package.

What is a voucher code?
Every online education partner will give you a single voucher code. Your voucher code gets you into your selected course. Apply your voucher code on the platform and course of choice to receive your discount.

Can I repeat a ‘used’ course with my voucher Code?
No. Your code can only be redeemed once against a single online course.

How many partners does We Grow SA have?
We Grow SA currently has 23 education partners and continues to add partners all the time to make sure there is something for everyone.

Is this platform for a certain age group?
We Grow SA has something for everyone. The platform caters for children as young as 3 years old and the tertiary institutions are for people of any age just looking to improve on their skillset or even earn a diploma or certificate in something new.

I did not receive an email with all my voucher codes that I redeemed.

  1. First check your spam or junk mail folders.
  2. If it is not in either your junk or spam mail, then please email hello@wegrowsouthafrica.co.zor call on 011 236 7830. In most instances there was an error in the email address provided. Your new voucher codes will be mailed to you and your email address will be updated on the system.

When I input my unique registration code during the registration process it says it’s invalid. What must I do?
Email hello@wegrowsouthafrica.co.za or call 011 236 7830 for assistance.

How do I redeem my vouchers?

  1. Go to www.wegrowsouthafrica.co.za
  2. Click on the ‘Redeem Your voucher’ menu option.
  3. Follow the step by step guide

I used my registration code to register on the education platform of my choice and it says the code is invalid

  1. There are 2 codes throughout the process – a unique We Grow SA ID and a voucher code.
  2. The We Grow SA ID is the code you see in your brochure. This is the code that you enter to register on the We Grow SA platform. It tells them you are a valid customer who received the voucher through the Digital Planet channel. This provides you with entry to shop and redeem your vouchers.
  3. The voucher codes are the codes provided once you are registered on the platform and you have selected the education partners you wish to redeem a voucher for. These are the voucher codes which you apply in the registration process on the partners website to receive your discount. You cannot use your registration code on an education partners platform.

I want to use the voucher to pay my university or school fees.
Your We Grow SA voucher is not a discount to put towards your tuition fees at university or school. This voucher entitles you to discounts or free periods to any of our various education partners online platforms.

Can I share my voucher with my friends and family?
Yes, you can. We Grow SA encourages you to share this voucher with those who need it, which is why they have enabled you to redeem a voucher for every single partner on the platform (limited to one voucher per partner).

If you have a child or a niece or nephew who needs help at school and you want to study further through one of the many tertiary institutions, you can select to redeem vouchers from the children’s platforms and the tertiary platforms. Simply provide your family and friends with the voucher codes you redeemed and they can apply those voucher codes when they register on the partner platforms.

What is code- sharing?
Code-sharing is our way of saying, ‘pass on the joy’. You can share your unused campus codes as a gift with any one you like. Remember, voucher codes can only be gifted against unused courses.

What do I do once I have redeemed a voucher code for the partner/s of my choice?

  1. You will receive an email with all your voucher codes and the links to the relevant partners platform.
  2. Follow the normal registration process of the platform and once you get to the payment section you will be asked for your coupon/voucher code. Apply the voucher code to receive your discount and start learning.

Will my voucher code expire?
Yes, once you have used it to purchase a course through the selected partner.

Can I buy another voucher?
You can purchase another We Grow SA voucher through the Digital Planet channel. Take a look at the Partner page on the We Grow SA website for more information.

Can I earn a National Diploma or National Certificate with We Grow SA?

  1. Yes, several of our tertiary institutions offer such courses. Once you have selected a course that you wish to pursue the course guideline will specify whether the course is a National Diploma, a National Certificate course or an online short course where you may receive a certificate of completion.
  2. In some instances, online short courses do not offer a certificate of completion, however you have just mastered a new skill or new subject and therefore it is always recommended that you add the course or the new skill to your CV.

Who do I call if I have trouble activating my unique We Grow SA ID?
Please email hello@wegrowsouthafrica.co.za or contact the 24/7 call centre on 011 236 7830.

What is Viu?
Viu is a premium video on demand service which offers you an amazing experience across all devices (phones, tablets and desktops), with the option of streaming or downloading content on the Premium package.  

How can I contact Viu?
Reach out to Viu at help.viu@vuclip.com 

Which regions is Viu available in?

  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • South Africa

Do I have to register to get started?
Yes, you must register to redeem your voucher and access the premium content and download feature. 

What kind of videos can I access on Viu?
Viu’s content library is growing every day. Currently, you can get access to over 2000 hours of series and movies from across the world. 

What is premium content?
Premium content is accessible through a paid subscription, which gives you access to stream or download even more content. 

Why should I subscribe to the app?
A single subscription offers the following benefits:

  • Ad-free streaming (excluding R29 option)
  • Access to premium videos
  • Download feature 

How can I cancel my Viu subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by going to “Subscriptions” in the My Account section in the menu and select the unsubscribe option. If you subscribed using Google play, go to the Google Play Store app to manage your subscription. 

How can I keep my account secure?
Use a strong password and update it often. You should also sign out of the app when not using it on all your devices. 

How much does a Viu subscription cost?
R5/day. R20/week. R29/30days (with ads) or R69/30days for Viu Premium.  

What are the available payment options for Android devices?

  • Google Billing
  • Telecommunication Carrier Billing
  • Vodacom Billing
  • Credit Card/Debit Card

What are the available payment options for iOS devices?
In-app billing 

What are the available payment options for desktop/mobile browsers?
Credit Card/Debit Card

What are the devices that I can use to stream videos on Viu?
You can stream videos on Viu through multiple devices:

  • The mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Desktop / Laptop browsers
  • Mobile browsers

How many devices can I use to access my account?
You can access your account on a maximum of 5 devices at a time. 

Can I watch videos with breaks, without having to start all over again?
Of course! Viu automatically detects where you left off and resumes the video from that point onwards.

What does my free R1000 HP Store voucher apply to?

Voucher Type Online Purchases Only
Voucher Breakdown R500 off any HP laptop computer
R500 off any HP printer

How Do I Redeem my HP Store Voucher?

  • Go to hpshop.co.za
  • Sign in or register for a free account.
  • Add your chosen printer and/or laptop computer to your Shopping Cart.
  • Click Check Out and enter your voucher code to apply your discount.