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Cell C will be cancelling all Fixed LTE products soon!

Cell C has announced that it will be discontinuing their Fixed LTE services in the coming months. This includes all LTE products from Jika Mobile and other service providers across South Africa. Customers will still be able to enjoy full access to their services until their products are discontinued. The termination dates are dependent on

cloud storage apps for phone and pc

The Best FREE Cloud Storage Apps for Your Phone & PC

Ever tried to download a new song or take a photo with your smartphone, only to be greeted by that dreaded ‘Storage is full’ notification? The situation is even worse when your PC runs out of space, as this is generally where people store most of their media collections. Although smartphone and hard disk storage

YouTube Premium Has Launched in SA! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

YouTube Premium Has Launched in SA! Here’s All You Need to Know

It’s finally here! Google has launched YouTube Premium in South Africa. You may be asking yourself why you should pay for YouTube when it’s already free, but like the name suggests, YouTube Premium comes with a lot of benefits that you just won’t get using the free platform. Here’s our breakdown of the best features

How To Save Data on Netflix - Jika Mobile

Watch More Netflix, Use Less Data

Since launching in South Africa, Netflix has been steadily growing, boasting an estimated 300 000 subscribers and counting. With subscription fees starting at just R99 for the basic plan, it’s no wonder South Africans are jumping aboard the Netflix train. It’s an affordable way to get tons of great movies, TV shows and documentaries at

YouTube Go Launches in SA: More Video, Less Data!

Google has just launched the YouTube Go app in South Africa, and binge-watchers across the country should be rejoicing. The YouTube Go app is lighter on system resources, and most importantly, far less data-hungry than its big brother, meaning that you can watch much more video for much less data. The developers say that the